Designing for Protection: Our First Decade.

Ten years of protective design, research and assessment.

We are committed to developing innovative and cost effective engineering solutions during our next decade at Protection Engineering Consultants.  Explore some examples of innovation in our first ten years.

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Protection Engineering Consultants established

Kirk Marchand, David Stevens and Chuck Oswald founded the firm.

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DoD ATFP health clinics, office complexes, training facilities, test facilities design and consulting (~100 projects)

February 2006 through present | Ed, Aldo, Kirk, Marlon, Carrie, Cliff, Greg

Arguably the “bread and butter” of PEC work for 10 years; projects that involved assessment, criteria development, design development and construction administration for DoD medical, hospital, billeting, office, maintenance, research and testing…

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NCHRP blast resistant bridge details development

March 2006 through November 2008 | Carrie, Kirk, Aldo

Sponsored by the National Cooperative Highway Research Program and the Transportation Research Board through the University of Texas at Austin (Dr. Eric Williamson). The goal was to develop guidelines through tests and analysis to refine concrete bridge pier details to better…

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PEC leases initial office space in Spring Branch, Texas

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NCHRP bridge component vulnerability tests

August 2006 through October 2007 | Carrie, Aldo, Kirk

The NCHRP project previously described included an extensive test program performed by PEC in cooperation with SwRI and the University of Texas. Phase I included small-scale nonresponding columns tested in Vicksburg, MS,…

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NIBS/NAVFAC and COE Progressive Collapse criteria development and updates and training

August 2006 through August 2008 (main effort), August 2011 through December 2012 (update) | David, Kirk, Aldo, Marlon, John*

This research and the resulting criteria (UFC 4-023-03) has literally given PEC international recognition as leaders in Progressive Collapse design and analysis approaches. While every PEC project is a team effort, the…

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Aldo McKay and Matt Barsotti join PEC

Jan - Feb. 2007

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GSA Courthouse and FBI Bldg design projects (Jacksonville, FL, Great Falls, MT, Billings, MT, Jefferson City, MO, Tucson, AZ, Minneapolis, MN, Boston, MA, Los Angeles, CA)

May 2007 to present | Chuck, Carrie, Aldo, Marlon, Kirk

Design support projects for GSA, HWA, Ellerbe Beckett/AECOM, Gage Brothers Construction, and McNamara-Salvia/Goody-Clancy/HGA. These projects involved façade design development, perimeter barrier design development, internal structural hardening, and progressive collapse analysis.

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SBEDS and SBEDS-W development for TSWG and COE (multiple years and tasks)

October 2007 to present | Chuck, Marlon, Carrie, Kirk, Tosh*, Ryan*

Not many projects or series of projects can be said to be “career defining”, but the development of SBEDS just might be one…for Chuck. Arguably no other blast design tool gets as…

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Blue Origin spacecraft mfr and test facility hazards assessment and protective structure development

Carrie, Kirk, John*

Projects supporting Blue Origin (Jeff Bezos of Amazon) with hazards analysis and safety systems development for their manned spacecraft development efforts. Efforts included hazards analysis for hydrotest operations at the Seattle test and fabrication facility, fabrication and installation of a…

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PEC reaches $1M in annual revenue

December 2007

PEC short course and webinar development and marketing

Carrie, Ed, Kirk, Aldo, Chuck, Marlon, David, Greg

We developed and taught our first “in person” blast design short course in 2008 to a packed house at the small Best Western hotel just north of San Antonio. We took the…

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DARPA Polymer Ice development

February 2008 through October 2008 | Matt

“Mad Scientist” projects come along less often than we’d like, but every once in a while we get to stretch creativity significantly. This project made use of the PM’s significant mechanical engineering…

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Ed Conrath joins PEC

After 34 years with the Omaha District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Protective Design Center, Ed joins PEC. During his PDC career, Ed performed more than 100 ATFP…

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DTRA Phase I/II/III internal blast model development

April 2008 through September 2015 | Chuck, Tosh*

This research began as a Phase I SBIR in 2008 and grew to a Phase III effort just completed. The thorough investigation of prediction algorithms ranging from closed form solutions to CFD…

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HSARPA “controlled frangibility” studies (wall and glazing)

May 2008 through December 2009 | David, John*, Ryan*

The goal of the concepts developed as a part of this research was to essentially eliminate window and wall debris and reduce the force and impulse transferred from the wall or window…

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Carrie Davis joins PEC

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Assessment and design support (including on-site support in Afghanistan) for UNAMA, UNDP, UNOPS and UNAMI

July 2008 through June 2012 | Ed, Aldo, LJ*, Kirk

Projects that supported UN activities in Afghanistan, Iraq and Egypt; involved both on-site assessment (Kabul, Afghanistan) and “back-office” evaluation and design support. Activities included threat assessment, site vulnerability assessment, concept development, design…

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PEC leases San Antonio and Austin office space

July/August 2008

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PPG glass test laboratory development

October 2008 through January 2012 | Aldo, Carrie, Matt, Kirk

A glass testing laboratory was conceived and developed for use at the PEC Dripping Springs office to support PPG’s Herculite glass and clear polymer glass coating projects. It was also subsequently used…

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PPG opaque and clear polymer development for blast mitigation

October 2008 through July 2011 | Carrie, Ed, Kirk, LJ*, John*

PPG engaged PEC to investigate many “versions” of their “Mil-Tough” polymer `coatings as blast retrofits to retrofits to walls and glazing systems. The clear polymer, a non-refractive polymer that can be spray…

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TSWG Urban Canyon (EBMTM) test data assessment

December 2008 (“BUC” through March 2014 (EBMTM) | David, Matt, Trish*, LJ*

This project coupled PEC’s extensive knowledge of blast data, statistics and modelling tools with a clever “modular” Cityscape test setup at EMRTC in Socorro, NM. PEC engineers evaluated the performance of CFD…

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PEC reaches $2M in annual revenue

December 2008

ACRP research for development of EMAS alternatives

May 2007 through July 2009 | Matt, David and John*

Like the Progressive Collapse work, a single PEC employee provided the intellectual “heft” for this effort. Unlike the Progressive Collapse effort, where experience paved the way to a large degree, Matt Barsotti…

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TSWG PBMT (pipeline protection)

August 2009 through February 2011 | David, John*, Ryan*, LJ*

This two phase TSWG research project successfully surveyed existing research and technology proposed specifically for blast protection of pipelines, identified and assessed the vulnerability of pipeline systems and infrastructure, and assessed blast-mitigation…

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PEC reaches $3M in annual revenue

December 2009

PEC HPC development and maintenance

January of 2010 through present | Ryan*, Matt, Joeny

The multiprocessor high performance computing resources at PEC have been internally funded and developed as needs and resources allow since January of 2010. The system was initially and exclusively set up for…

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NGG bogie development and Glasopor EMAS testing

February 2010 through April 2011 | Matt, Ryan*, John*, LJ*, Cliff

After the ACRP effort was completed, NGG, the government of Norway and airfield services provider Avinor funded the development of what was to become the FAA accepted Runway Safe greenEMAS. This extensive…

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TSWG ballistic glass hazards

February 2010 through June 2011 | Matt, Cliff, Ryan*, LJ*

This TSWG effort was performed to better define the hazards and potential injuries associated with spall and debris generated by bullet resistant glass. Results of the study and testing included an understanding…

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USMC mitigation of blast injuries through modeling and simulation

June 2010 through October 2015 | David, Eric, Matt, Michalis

Phase I and Phase II SBIR efforts were performed in support of the US Marine Corps Systems Command to improve blast protection in armored vehicles from mine detonation. Phase I included realistic…

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VA clinic and hospital design projects (~20 projects)

September 2010 through present | Carrie, Kirk, Aldo, Marlon, Cliff, Greg

The longest string of major PEC blast design projects second only to DoD ATFP are the Veteran’s Affairs outpatient clinics and hospitals; work that we have done for Page, HWA, HDR, URS,…

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DoS precast, connection and EAC testing

September 2010 through present | Chuck, Greg, Ryan*, Michalis

DoS/DS/PS and the Omaha PDC contracted with PEC to investigate precast panel and panel connections to determine if current response prediction approaches and current response design limits were appropriate for “higher” blast…

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US Steel molten metal explosion criteria development

December 2010 through February 2012 | Carrie, Kirk, Ed

An innovative project to define a load history from a “ladle explosion” in a steel plant; a steam explosion (energy release) caused by ice or water introduced into molten steel during a…

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PEC reaches $4M in annual revenue

December 2010

DAC/PPG Herculite glass testing (shock tube and AFRL)

September 2011 through December 2013 | Carrie, Ed, Kirk, Ryan*, Tosh*

The Defense Acquisition Challenge program was intended to “fast track” important developments in protective technologies to the warfighter. The “fast tracked” systems would then be expedited through commercialization and procurement. The DAC…

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DoS/EMRTC steel braced frame structure tests

October 2011 through present | Aldo, Cliff, Kirk, Matt G.*

The Physical Security Division of the Department of State Office of Diplomatic Security (DoS/DS/PS) first contacted PEC to investigate the feasibility of “replacing” their traditionally used concrete frame buildings (designed to be…

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PEC reaches $5M in annual revenue

December 2011

AFRL/NIBS HIPPO aircraft structure protection system development

February 2012 through September 2012 | Erick*, Kirk, Ed, LJ, Cliff, Matt G.*

Events in the South China Sea and disputes over territorial rights in the Far East prompted the DoD to enhance the protection of forces in those regions. AFRL, through NIBS, sponsored PEC…

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Bryan Bewick joins PEC

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TSWG Safe Area tool, criteria and training development

March 2013 through June 2015 | Matt, Carrie, David

The objective of this project was to develop a training program to allow bomb squads and breachers to identify safe locations where they can perform their duties with reduced risk of injury…

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USMC Phase II SBIR connection tests

April 2013 through September 2015 | David, Greg, Michalis

The USMC SBIR Phase II effort included analysis and testing of short duration bolted and welded connection loads induced by blast loaded armor or armor support structures. Guidelines for simplified modelling approaches…

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Global Strike/DDESB/NAVFAC/ Black and Veatch weapons storage facility concept and design development (two phases)

October 2013 through present | Ed, Bryan, Kirk, Aldo, Carrie, Eddie, Chuck

Concept through 95% design of a new weapons storage facility approach and design; where nuclear weapons will be stored and maintained at a common location. The project has included ATFP (aggressor threat)…

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DTRA NWEN tests (SRi)

October 2013 through present | Bryan, Greg, Kirk

The Nuclear Weapons Effects Network project entitled “Collateral Building Damage Due to Nuclear Induced Airblast” has three significant tasks; theoretical fracture model development (Johns Hopkins University), testing of scaled structural elements (material…

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DARPA/SwRI C2M2L-2 and Automesher development

July 2012 through October 2013 | Erick*, Ryan*, David

A somewhat “far out” project sponsored by DARPA through SwRI concerned development of libraries of design information to support “automated” design of the next-next-next (?) generation armored vehicles. The effort was called…

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WhAM development and hosting

January 2014 through present | Carrie, Eric, Joeny, Kirk, Ryan*

The DAC project and the implementation of the GFPM glass fracture model into SBEDS-W sowed the seeds for work by PEC to incorporate the GFPM approach into a material model (UMAT) in…

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Runway Safe commercialization and EMAS installation support

February 2010 through Present | Kirk, Matt, Cliff, Greg, Ed

The development of the Runway Safe EMAS began at the conclusion of the ACRP effort when NGG in Norway, in collaboration with Avinor and the Government of Norway, funded the development of…

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NEXUS and B&McD nuclear plant condensate storage tank protection and protective structure (ring net) development

May 2014 through November 2015 | Eric, Michalis, Matt

Critical condensate storage water facilities at the Duke Energy Brunswick Nuclear Power Plant and Ameren Callaway Nuclear Energy Center were evaluated for missile impact. A series of nonlinear dynamic finite element analyses…

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PEC awarded Phase I SBIR from US Army/TACOM for LOTRIF (Low Travel Isolated Floor)

August 2015 through present | David, Matt

The goal of the research proposed here is to develop a Low TRavel Isolated Floor (LOTRIF) system that protects the lower extremities while minimizing the space claim, weight, and cost. A successful…

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GSA Seismic Rating System Development

August 2015 through present

In cooperation with Rutherford and Chekene in San Francisco, PEC begins work on a seismic rating tool for the GSA worldwide building inventory. The proposed seismic rating system utilizes the HAZUS AEBM…

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PEC awarded project for Penetrator Protection of General Civil Structures by NAVFAC

September 2015 through present | Bryan, Eddie

The objectives of the proposed effort are to develop layered systems to resist the effects of cased munitions penetrator threats to general civil structures and to optimize the layered solutions to reduce…

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PEC moves San Antonio office to One Castle Hills

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PEC reaches $7M in annual revenue $40M in contracts since 2006

December 2015

PEC celebrates 10-year anniversary!

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A letter from our principals

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