From February 13th through the 16th, a variety of PEC engineers taught, managed and coordinated another excellent short course in blast resistance for anti-terrorism.   Industry and government attendees included engineers, security specialists and project managers.  The course topics included:

  • Anti-terrorism design
  • Blast loads and tools
  • Government (DoD, GSA and VA) and industry requirements and criteria
  • Design and analysis tools (SBEDS and SBEDS-W)
  • Structural design for blast, including:
    • Steel roof trusses
    • Common structural materials (steel, concrete)
    • Glazing systems
    • Door systems
  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Blast test methods and data

The course also included a trip to the ABS Consulting shock tube in San Antonio for a live test on a blast-resistant window as well as some great events for networking and socializing.

We would like to thank all of our participants for providing an engaging and intelligent audience for this training course.  Please feel free to check out our other training offerings by clicking here.

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