News | 2.23.2021

Aldo McKay Steps into the Managing Principal Role at Protection Engineering Consultants

Protection Engineering Consultants is excited to announce that Aldo McKay has accepted the position of Managing Principal! Aldo continues a tradition of exceptional leadership at PEC, replacing David Stevens who served as MP for 5 years, after Kirk Marchand who was MP for the company’s first 10 years. Aldo brings nearly 20 years of experience as a Structural Engineer with a focus on protective design, research, and criteria development to his new role.

For the last 3 years, Aldo has served as Team Lead for our Facades and Structures group, responsible for project execution, business development and management of a team of highly skilled and capable engineers. He has led PEC’s expansion into new business areas, increasing our client base and design project revenue.  Aldo manages blast-resistant design and security engineering for design-build and design-bid-build efforts for military facilities, federal courthouses, General Services Administration (GSA) buildings, Veteran Affairs (VA) healthcare facilities, and transportation infrastructure. He has worked directly with GSA to revise its blast protection interpretation guidelines and has taught short courses and webinars to GSA subject matter experts nationwide on the application of these guidelines. Aldo is currently leading the development of Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) 4-027-01 Design of Deployed Operational Bases to Mitigate Terrorist Attacks. He has also managed and led large test and research efforts for the Department of State (DoS) in the field of blast-resistant design and response of structures. As an industry leader, Aldo is frequently asked to teach short courses and webinars on blast-resistant and progressive collapse design. 

Aldo embodies the core values of PEC: integrity, professionalism, commitment to our clients and friends, exceptional performance, respect, kindness, and comradery. Under his leadership, those core values will strengthen as the company grows and moves in new directions and to new destinations. PEC’s success has always been due to the exceptional quality, diversity and strength of our staff and, with new leadership from Aldo, PEC’s future is bright.