News | 8.18.2018

Award of Phase II SBIR for Fast-Running Model Automated Development

PEC is proud to announce that we recently secured a Phase II SBIR award from the US Air Force to continue developing a new methodology for automatically generating Fast Running Models, or FRMs. This effort will continue the development of a physics-based software for rapidly producing FRMs that make physical sense and can be extended beyond their basis datasets. The development will transform our Phase I prototype software into a fully-automatic FRM generator capable of handling complex problems. The project will include the further development of new data science algorithms, integration of algorithms into larger global solvers, further development of a desktop application, development of export tools for migration of FRMs, and a practical demonstration of the software’s ability to create an FRM for a complex problem. The completed software capabilities will include automatic generation of FRMs for complex problems, providing users with interpretable FRMs, utilization of both test and simulation data concurrently, visual analysis of data and developed models, and rational extrapolation of FRMs beyond the range of the original basis data.