While buildings often take the majority of focus, transportation infrastructure has become a more frequent target of terrorist attacks in the recent decades. Since 1977, nineteen (19) terrorist attacks and plots were carried out against bridges across the United States as shown in the figure above. This trend extends beyond our borders as demonstrated with the recent London Bridge attack in June 2017, and Westminster Bridge attack in March 2017. These are just two recent examples of dozens of terrorist attacks against transportation infrastructure that have occurred throughout the world. Additional information on recent trends in global terrorism can be found here.

At PEC we specialize in critical transportation safety and security and are working to establish guidance documents and develop design criteria to protect our nations transportation infrastructure (e.g. the recent FHWA Bridge Security Manual). For more information on PEC’s work in transportation safety and security or to discuss how our team can protect your critical assets from terrorist attacks, contact Eric Sammarco.

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