Case Study | 9.10.2015

Assuring Resilience and Safety in the Nuclear Power Industry

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Natural Hazards

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Beyond-Design-Basis Threats

Tornado Events

Seismic Events

An Update on Expanded Capabilities offered by Protection Engineering Consultants

We’ve expanded our capabilities and customer services at Protection Engineering Consultants (PEC) to include critical assessment and protection activities for nuclear power operators and engineers. We now regularly work with utilities and multi-disciplinary contractors to deliver value-added solutions to complex problems important to overall plant safety and security. Whether it be specialty engineering support for post-Fukushima/FLEX related issues, multi-hazard assessments of structures, systems, and components, structural design support, or a 3rd party review, our technology intensive and team-oriented approaches are leveraged to address your needs in an efficient, timely, and cost-effective manner.

Natural Hazard Assessment and Protection

Much of our recent work has supported clients in the assessment and design for tornado-borne debris impact hazards. These services have included structural assessment and design of structures, systems, and components for tornado effects (velocity pressure, differential pressure, wind-driven missile impact), and concept development and structural design of tornado missile barriers.

Earthquake Engineering and Seismic Design

We’ve also expanded our professional service offerings to include beyond-design-basis seismic capacity determination of structures, systems, and components, nonlinear dynamic analysis of coupled soil-structure systems, and seismic analysis and design support.

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Contact Eric Sammarco at PEC for more information on our expanded resilience and safety services for the nuclear power industry.


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