In 2006, Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) for Expeditionary Structures did not exist. At that time, we were approached by Applied Research Associates, Inc., under their prime contract with the Department of the Air Force, to provide qualified personnel capable of writing a new UFC.  Leading this effort for us was Dr. Chuck Oswald, who worked with the government engineers to develop the Department of Defense (DoD) Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) UFC 4-027-01 “Design of Deployed Operation Bases to Mitigate Terrorist Attacks.”

We first reviewed approximately 70 government documents, including many existing UFCs, to extract relevant information for design of deployed operation bases. We then formatted this information to be of practical use to a field engineer, with some technical discussion and many charts, tables, and simplified equations for designing perimeter walls, fragment protection from direct and indirect fire, and blast resistance for a wide range of relevant structure types, including many with expedient construction. The UFC we developed included design of entry control points, hardened observation structures, and electronic surveillance systems, among many other items. We also included information on methods to provide protection from airborne and waterborne contamination and forced entry.

Throughout the development of the UFC, we were diligent in coordinating with representatives from all branches of the military to get comments and incorporate them into the final version.  The resulting UFC 4-027-01 is currently in draft form and not yet in use.



  • Applied Research Associates, Inc.
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