Case Study | 9.10.2015

Perfect Punch: Supporting Novel Systems with Mechanical Engineering and Evaluation Services

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Matt Barsotti

Matt Barsotti leads our PEC mechanical engineering staff in providing design and analysis services for a diverse set of problems including novel test vehicle development, impact energy dissipation, aircraft arrestor design, pump dispenser development, and bomb squad and breacher devices. A variety of tools and related expertise are required and employed to solve these problems including finite element analysis, analytical modeling, and video motion tracking.

In 2012, Matt and some colleagues at PEC became acquainted with the Nexersys martial arts fitness device because of personal interest and passion in the “fighting arts”. The Nexersys is an interactive and intelligent fitness product that delivers a High Intensity Interval Training (“HIIT”) workout through cardio, core, technique, and strike video training plus Avatar sparring and multiplayer/gaming rounds. Since Nexersys is an Austin company, we reached out to them with our interest and expertise, and a productive relationship was born. We have since been able to exchange novel product ideas and have provided expertise for enhancements and improvements for the current Nexersys.

To help evaluate and assess the current generation product, we used high speed videographic analysis during routine striking and employed image tracking software to isolate vibration areas. The analysis used Dartfish, a software package designed for athletic performance improvement. Video was recorded from three camera views at 120 frames per second, which allowed mapping of the entire system motion. The Dartfish Motion Analyzer was used to auto-track the movement of individual markers and to calculate the rotation angle of various joints in the system. The results helped to identify some potential design improvements for the next-generation Nexersys frame.

Our collaboration with Nexersys leadership has spawned ideas for next generation companion products that will hopefully be jointly developed by PEC and Nexersys.


Contact Matt Barsotti at PEC for further information.  For additional information regarding Nexersys visit or King of the Ring Kickstarter at


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