Cliff Jones will be presenting a webinar on blast design of cold-formed steel (CFS) components, walls and roof systems for the Cold-Formed Steel Engineers Institute (CFSEI) on August 24th, 2017 at 3:00 P.M. EST. Registration is available on the CFSEI website here.  The webinar will touch on a variety of blast design topics that are relevant to design and analysis of CFS wall and roof components, connections and systems. The presentation will provide a brief discussion of the following topics:

  • Relevant blast design criteria for typical projects (GSA, VA, DoD)
  • General background on blast loading and application to structures
  • Analysis of CFS members for blast
  • Idealizing components for SDOF analysis
  • Choosing appropriate boundary conditions
  • Concentrated loads and loads near supports
  • Equivalent uniform loading
  • Analysis of CFS walls for blast loading
  • Assumptions for typical construction types (infill vs. bypass)
  • Consideration of parapets
  • Analysis of CFS trusses for blast loading
  • Static analysis method
  • Simplified dynamic analysis method
  • High-fidelity, non-linear dynamic analysis
  • Connection design considerations

In addition to the topics above, valuable guidance on applicable references for blast loading calculations, dynamic analysis, member design, system analysis and connection design will be provided so that attendees can pursue any one of these topic areas further on their own. If you have questions on blast design of cold-formed steel, contact Aldo McKay.


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