Just in time for Christmas, PEC completed a numerical simulation for a very high-profile repeat client. Mr. S. Clause, where we were tasked with investigating wind induced loads on Santa’s sleigh to make sure he has a safe trip around the world. We were specifically chosen for this task due to our experience on past projects leveraging a number of CFD codes to quantitatively assess the wind environment around buildings, including anticipated envelope and structural loads, pedestrian comfort, and extreme weather effects. To address our client’s needs during this busy time of year, several PEC Elves worked diligently to calculate wind loads using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and a large eddy simulation (LES) approach to provide this much needed information to the North Pole before Christmas. A visualization of our work is provided below with Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer in the lead.

Read more about PEC’s analytical wind modeling capabilities hereor contact Eric Sammarco for information on how these analytical capabilities can be used on your next project.

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