Protection Engineering Consultants is pleased to congratulate Aldo McKay and Matt Barsotti on their 10 year anniversaries with the company!  Matt and Aldo joined PEC within one week of each other and were our first full time employees.  In the intervening 10 years, they have expanded their technical skills, established their professional reputations, and developed business areas and loyal clients.  Aldo and Matt helped build PEC through their hard work and dedication and will be part of the leadership of PEC in the years ahead—and we’re excited to see where their next 10 years take us!

Aldo has significantly expanded PEC’s capabilities in security and protection engineering for buildings and structures subjected to extreme loads.  This includes blast-resistant design, progressive collapse analysis and mitigation, vulnerability assessment of civilian and government facilities, and laboratory and field testing (including the explosive testing of full-scale buildings as shown here).  Aldo is a registered Professional Engineer (PE) in Alabama, Georgia, Minnesota, Kentucky, South Carolina and Texas and actively participates in professional societies, including ASTM, SEAoT, and ASCE.

Matt’s contributions have greatly increased PEC’s abilities in the areas of mechanical engineering, structural design and analysis, and numerical modeling, typically working with “extraordinary loads,” one-time, high-speed and high-energy events, such as those caused by explosions, ballistic impact, vehicle impact, etc. He has developed nationally recognized expertise in material modeling, the application of ALE and SPH techniques to soils, penetration mechanics, crushable foams, mine blast, etc.  Matt has performed cutting edge research and product development, including the design, modeling and testing of aircraft arrestor beds, which have been installed in the United States and overseas as described here.

We commend Aldo and Matt for their great service to this company and dedication to consistent high-quality work. We look forward to their future growth and movement into key leadership roles in PEC.

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