Security Assessments of Military Facilities in Accordance with UFC 4-020-01 DoD Security Engineering Facilities Planning Manual

In accordance with the performance-based approach, the new UFC 4-010-01 guidelines require the use of UFC 4-020-01 to determine if the minimum requirements in UFC 4-010-01 are adequate or if additional mitigation measures should be implemented for all facilities.


Aldo Progressive Collapse Design at the OSEA Spring Conference

PEC to present on Progressive Collapse Design at the OSEA Spring Conference

Aldo McKay will present an introduction to Progressive Collapse Design at the OSEA Spring Conference held on the campus of Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, OK this Wednesday, April 25, 2018. The two most widely…


PEC to present on Blast Design Method for FRP at ACI Spring Convention

Marlon Bazan will be presenting on “Blast Design Methodology for FRP Upgrades to Masonry and Reinforced Concrete Walls in SBEDS” at the 2018 ACI Spring Convention, in Salt Lake City, Utah on Monday,…


David Stevens presents at ISEA on blast and progressive collapse

PEC speaking at ISEA Conference on Blast and Progressive Collapse

PEC Managing Principal David Stevens, PhD, PE, F.SEI, F.ACI is speaking at the 2018 Indiana Structural Engineers Association (ISEA) Spring Conference, in Indianapolis, Indiana on Thursday, March 8 about design for blast…


2018 PCI Committee

PEC is attending the 2018 PCI Convention and National Bridge Conference

Chuck Oswald and Marlon Bazan will attend the PCI Blast Resistance and Structural Integrity (BRSI) committee meeting at the 2018 PCI Convention and National Bridge Conference in Denver CO on February 21.…

Case Study

Assessment, Design, and Construction Support to Mitigate Hostile Vehicle Ramming Threats

The recent global trend in the use of ‘vehicles as a weapon’ in the conduct of terror attacks, presents a significant challenge to urban planners, architects, engineers, and building owners.  The often-conflicting …


PEC to present on Bridge Security at the 2018 TRB Annual Meeting

PEC will be in Washington D.C. next week to attend the 2018 Transportation Research Board (TRB) Annual Meeting.  He will be giving a presentation on Bridge Security: An Overview of Requirements, Guidance & Lessons…


PEC attend SAME 2017 Small Business Conference

PEC is attending the SAME 2017 Federal Small Business Conference

Aldo McKay is heading to Pittsburgh this week to attend the Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) Federal Small Business Conference for the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Industry. The SAME 2017 small business conference…

Case Study

Modeling Armed Aggressor, Active Shooter, and MTFA Scenarios

Protection Engineering Consultants uses risk-based design approaches to adequately mitigate the consequences of armed aggressor, active shooter, and marauding terrorist firearms attack (MTFA) scenarios. Computational modeling is used to quantify occupant egress …


George Kantrales presents at UTSA on Critical Infrastructure

PEC Presents at UTSA on Protective Design of Critical Infrastructure

George Kantrales, Ph.D., was invited to speak to students and faculty of the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at the University of Texas at San Antonio on protective design of critical infrastructure.…

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