News | 8.1.2017

Design of Cold-Formed Steel (CFS) Roof Trusses for Blast Loading

Designing cold-formed steel (CFS) roof trusses for blast loading can appear quite complex when compared to typical facade and roof components.  It is important to understand that trusses should be analyzed on a system level rather than over-idealizing and simplifying them as a typical single-degree-of-freedom (SDOF) system, which is a common approach used by most in the blast design industry and can lead to excessive construction and material costs.  PEC has been designing, analyzing, researching and educating the industry on blast design of CFS systems for years.  For more information on the breadth of CFS design and research work we have done, check out the references below:

By leveraging more advanced design and analysis approaches, we avoid the common issue of gross over design due to excessive simplification and provide cost-efficient and thoroughly engineered systems that reduce construction times, detailing costs and the challenges associated with designing light-gage metal roof systems for blast loading.  For more information on this topic or to discuss how PEC can provide blast analysis and design support to your team, contact Dr. Marlon Bazan or Greg Rolater.