PEC built its reputation on protecting people and the built environment from man-made threats. However, hazards change and the shift in global risk was highlighted in the recently published Global Risks Report 2017 (12th Edition) by the World Economic Forum.  In the report, natural disasters and extreme weather events rank among the top risks in terms of both likelihood and impact.

image listing top 10 risks of likelihood and impact

<Taken from World Economic Forum Global Risks Report 2017 (12th Edition)>

Over the past few years, PEC has employed our skills and experience in designing for man-made hazards to designing for extreme weather events and natural disasters.  We provide creative, efficient and cost-effective design solutions for facades, structures and protective systems for threats that include high winds from tornadoes or hurricanes, impact forces from wind- and water-borne debris, hail impact effects, forces and deformations from earthquakes and thermal effects from fire.

To learn more about PEC experience in designing to resist natural hazards, contact Dr. Eric Sammarco and Aldo McKay.

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