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Engineering knowledge must often be converted into practical calculation tools, thereby making it accessible both to experts and laymen. PEC has developed several software applications and algorithms for the government and commercial clients. We can build standalone software programs or create new modules for integration into existing tools.

Our team works with many general-purpose programming languages and employs standard version-control systems. Because we often help clients with niche problems, we can assist with converting the solutions into niche-area software. Such tools often have a narrow to moderate audience base, and we strive to balance functionality and maintainability with cost efficiency. We have tailored solutions for clients based specifically on need, ranging from lab-level codes for use by researchers, up to polished desktop applications suitable for a broader user base.


We are passionate about creating robust, scalable, and efficient software solutions. Our team of data scientists and engineers have years of experience in scientific computing and know how to effectively utilize parallel and high-performance compute clusters. We take pride in our work. It is our promise that any code we ship is clean, tested, and well documented. Our advanced technical work keeps us on the leading edge, and for that reason we employ Python-based approaches as our go-to default language for technical computing. Our staff also maintains skill with other key languages like Fortran, MATLAB, C#, JavaScript, etc.

Application Development

Whether customers need for a graphical user interface or a complete analytical platform, we are here to help. PEC has experience developing complete software solutions for our clients both in the government and commercial industries. Our staff has decades of engineering design and research experience that we leverage in the development of the software tools we deliver. Because of this, we are uniquely able to approach problems from an engineer’s point of view and can tailor solutions for efficiency and ease of use, as illustrated by our artificial intelligence application, EMBER.

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