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Department of Defense (DoD) inhabited facilities must incorporate Antiterrorism and Force Protection (ATFP) design requirements intended to minimize casualties in accordance with UFC 4-010-01 and UFC 4-020-01Compliance with ATFP may be triggered by new construction, renovation cost, change in occupancy or function. Our team of engineers have been key contributors to many of the Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) that sets the requirements for protection of Military facilities and have significant experience conducting threat and vulnerability assessments and providing ATFP design for all types of Military facilities such Access Control Points (ACP), healthcare, education, billeting, hangars and more. We support civilian clients and all branches of our military across the United States and internationally. 

We Know the UFC Inside and Out

The UFC 4-020-01 provides the assessment process for developing the design criteria necessary to incorporate security and antiterrorism measures into DoD facilities. Those design criteria may be limited to the minimum ATFP requirements in the UFC 4-010-01, or they may include increased protection of assets other than those addressed in the minimum standards. All DoD inhabited facilities in the US or abroad shall be assessed using the procedures in UFC 4-020-01 to establish the applicable Design Basis Threat (DBT) and required Level of Protection (LOP). The assessment or risk analysis is generally performed by the installation security/AT staff. When deemed acceptable, the main goal of the new minimum requirements in Chapter 3 of the UFC 4-010-01 is to provide cost savings for the construction of Military Facilities while protecting our warfighters from terrorist attacks. In other cases where the UFC 4-020-01 assessment identifies specific DBTs and an increased level of protection, mitigation measures such as increased setbacks, blast-resistant windows, vehicle barriers and progressive collapse may be required. We can help you navigate the requirements and implement them in your project!  


Unified Facilities Criteria (UFCs) 

  • UFC 3-340-02 – Structures to Resist the Effects of Accidental Explosions 
  • UFC 4-010-01 – Minimum ATFP Standards for Design of Buildings 
  • UFC 4-020-01 – DoD Security Engineering Facilities Planning Manual 
  • UFC 4-022-02 – Selection and Application of Vehicle Barriers 
  • UFC 4-023-03 – Design of Buildings to Resist Progressive Collapse 

Protective Design Center (PDC) Technical Reports (TR)  

  • PDC-TR 06-08 – Single Degree of Freedom Structural Response Limits for Antiterrorism Design 
  • PDC-TR 06-01 – SBEDS Methodology Manual* 
  • PDC-TR 10-02 – Blast Resistant Design Methodology for Window Systems 
  • PDC-TR 12-01 – Methodology Manual for the SBEDS-W Window Analysis Spreadsheet* 

Service-specific Guidance or Criteria (e.g., Air Force Engineering Technical Letters) 

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