Petrochemical Facilities

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Process plants in the petrochemical industry handle materials and other fuels that can produce accidental explosions. Our engineers have significant experience interpreting blast load demands from risk and hazards studies and incorporating blast protection for design and renovations efforts where creative, and cost-efficient retrofits are often required. We have experience with Office buildings, Control rooms and other types of buildings in petrochemical facilities.

Protecting the Energy Industry

Petrochemical Plants are designed to minimize the occurrence of accidental explosions and often perform siting studies to identify risks and hazards in the form of prescribed dispersion, fuel reaction and resulting peak pressures and impulses. These blast pressures when needed, are used to harden facilities in petrochemical plants to ensure the safety of their occupants and sometimes to maintain operations. Depending on the occupancy and function of the space, the performance objective of the building and structure may be designed for different damage levels ranging from Low to High in accordance with the guidance and requirements of the ASCE Design of Blast Resistant Building in Petrochemical Facilities



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