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Blast-resistant design often involves products such as glazing systems, precast concrete components, cold-formed steel framing, etc. Due to the product differences between manufacturers, the design of such items is typically delegated to the product manufacturer or vendor. The blast-resistant design requirements for these items are specified by the Engineer of Record (EOR) and are included in the project specifications. These include the design blast load, blast performance criteria, and other information such as design methods, safety factors, and connection design requirements. The blast design calculations must be prepared by a qualified professional engineer with demonstrated experience in blast-resistant design. Calculations are then reviewed by the blast EOR before approval.

Blast-Resistant Design Expertise

At PEC, our engineers have helped develop test programs, design criteria, analysis methods, and calculation tools that are used by the government and industry for blast-resistant design of windows, precast panels, cold-formed steel stud walls, doors, blast retrofits, etc. We have long experience serving either as the blast EOR or as the subcontractor’s specialty design engineer. Because of our in-depth understanding of the blast design criteria, as well as the delegated design process, our engineers can develop cost-efficient designs and high-quality blast design calculations to ensure a smooth and swift approval process for your submittals. We are ready to help!


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