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Transportation facilities such as airports, subways, train stations, and bus stations are often attractive targets of terrorism because of their importance to the local economy and because they are very visible, accessible, high-profile facilities filled with a high density of people. In accordance with guidelines and regulations by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), these facilities must incorporate Physical Security and Protection requirements with the goal of preserving operations, minimizing casualties, and protecting valuable assets. At PEC, our team of security and protection experts are experienced in working with the lead designer and owner to establish a workable set of physical security criteria and implementing it into your project.

Protecting our Critical Infrastructure

Because of the many different configurations available for these types of facilities and for cost considerations, the threat and performance objectives used for protection design is typically based on the results of a Threat and Vulnerability Risk Assessment (TVRA). Our approach is typically based on industry standards including TSA guidelines, DOT/FAA Facility Security Reference and Design Manual, and the PARAS Recommended Security Guidelines for Airport Planning, Design, and Construction. We work with you to identify and addresses credible threats, site requirements, emergency response plan guidance and security criteria for structures, landside entrances, interior locations, and operations and administration. In situations when the TVRA has been performed, we can also support airport operations, planners, and designers in evaluating the identified threats and proposing cost-efficient solutions that meet the performance objectives. Give us a call, we are ready to help!

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