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Veteran Affairs (VA) owned facilities and medical centers are required to protect their patients and staff from attacks and to ensure continuity of their essential functions during national security emergencies. At Protection Engineering Consultants (PEC), our engineers and security experts are proficient in implementing the PSRDM requirements into the planning, design and renovation of VA facilities and campuses. Our experience includes medical centers, outpatient clinics, hospitals, Eds, Energy Centers, warehouses, utility plants, and more. Our staff works with you team and ensure your design complies with the requirements of the PSRDM. We can guide you through the complicated process of requesting waives and equivalencies to satisfy challenging requirements of the PSRDM. Our process includes conceptual design, exploring design alternatives, finding efficient solutions, final design completion, and supporting the construction phase for delegated design items. 

We Know how to Protect our Veterans 

The VA Physical Security and Resilience Design Manual (PSRDM) establishes the design threats and performance requirements for two protection categories: Life-Safety Protect (LSP) and Mission Critical (MC) facilities. The PSRDM include physical security and protective design requirements for site design, building entrances, functional areas such as the loading dock and pharmacy, blast-resistant design of the building envelope against an exterior explosion, as well as design against an explosion in high-risk interior spaces, such as loading docks, mailrooms, and main public lobbies. In addition, the PSRDM includes design requirements for the global stability of structure and prevention of progressive collapse. Other requirements include vehicle barriers, and protection of utilities and MEP systems, and security systems. Get in touch and let us help you protect your facility!  

Design Criteria and Other Resources Specific to VA Projects 

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