Case Study

Extreme Hazards Assessment and Mitigation at Nuclear Power Plants

Many of the nation’s operating nuclear power plants (NPP) have identified a need to evaluate the robustness of certain structures, systems and components deemed critical to plant safe shutdown. Protection Engineering Consultants supports NPP owners, operators and consultants with evaluations and analysis to identify vulnerabilities and mitigation strategies for extreme external hazards.

Case Study

High Strength Steel Ring-net System To Mitigate Tornado Missle Impact At Nuclear Facilities

In responding to the United States (U.S.) Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Order EA-12-049 Issuance of Order to Modify Licenses with Regard to Requirements for Mitigation Strategies for Beyond- Design-Basis External Events, many of …

Case Study

Assuring Resilience and Safety in the Nuclear Power Industry

An Update on Expanded Capabilities offered by Protection Engineering Consultants We’ve expanded our capabilities and customer services at Protection Engineering Consultants (PEC) to include critical assessment and protection activities for nuclear power …


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