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Regardless of whether you work in a hazardous physical environment, a highly charged political location, or in a seemingly boring office space, the risk of a security related incident is real and that risk continues to increase. PEC helps you understand the threats you face and what risks they pose to your organization, so you can make real decisions on how to best spend your security dollar. Talking about your worst fears may be the best conversation you ever have.

What we always work for is the best possible security outcome of all: utterly boring non-events. To help you create security that’s reliable, we apply knowledge our team has gained from decades of working in all parts of the world, evaluating threat and vulnerability factors for civilian and military installations, working for private industry and government clients. While we are constantly innovating, evaluating new materials, systems, and methods, some of the most effective ways to use that knowledge comes from learning as much as we can about you – your operation, culture, and the risks you face.

The same buildings, vehicles, offices, and facilities being secured also have to be used daily for work, travel, enjoyment, and personal interaction by real people. We listen to your concerns and provide a total perspective on your security needs – not a one-size-fits-all approach. So, talk to us, protection is what we do.

Security, Threat, Risk, and Vulnerability Assessment

PEC assists clients in understanding the risks they face and how to best leverage limited security funds to meet those risks. Our proven assessment methodology goes far beyond the checklist approach to provide an organization with actionable and reliable guidance on what is working well and what is not.

Security, Threat, Risk, and Vulnerability assessments are specifically tailored for each client and engagement. Many include activities such as reviewing facility layouts, identifying critical assets, determining compliance with mandatory security requirements, and understanding the security systems, staffing, and training in use. PEC also spends time learning about each client’s operational culture, environment, and budget to provide recommendations that are congruent with the organization’s operation.

Security Regulatory Reviews

The evaluation of risk involves more than just mitigating threats against the organization, but also can mean keeping your organization compliant with an ever-changing set of regulatory security requirements. PEC’s Security Consulting team brings operational and practical experience to regulation-based vulnerability, risk and resiliency assessments, security plans, and 3rd party reviews, including those required by FERC, NERC (including CIP-014), CFATS and the EPA.

The PEC team can assist your organization with developing and maintaining compliance with security regulations, but our largest client successes are when we are able to assist clients with reducing the scope and breadth of the regulatory requirements at their facilities. By maintaining continuous awareness of both existing and upcoming regulations, PEC can help you steer through the security regulations efficiently.

Security Master Planning

When improvements are needed but funds are short, security master plans and security design standards can help establish an improvement pathway that spans multiple years – improving cost efficiency and program effectiveness. Whether you need to centralize disparate security systems or provide ongoing courses of security related training, PEC’s team of professionals can help you capitalize on your existing security program components to chart a path forward.


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