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The security technology at your facility needs to be appropriate for your environment – the lighting, communications network, operations, and even control software. Whether implementing a system across your entire enterprise, upgrading existing technology already in use, or preparing designs for a new facility, PEC can help ensure your systems are ready to meet your current and future needs.

Questions we hear frequently include:

  • Will these cameras work in my parking lot when the streetlights are on?
  • Should the new facility be integrated into our badge reader system or have its own?
  • How do I get better images from my camera system?

As you can tell by our name, protecting assets is what we do. We can help you deal with all the factors involved in your organization’s protection planning. Our expertise, our capabilities, and our ranks have grown over the years, yet PEC remains small and nimble enough to be an active and willing partner on the team you form for protection planning.

Perhaps most telling – government agencies at all levels, the military, industries worldwide, and even most other security specialty companies – all follow security protocols and specifications we established, use standards we drafted, attended classes we teach, or based decisions on our specialized protective research.

With your needs in mind, PEC can assist in developing security system designs (such as camera and access control systems), vendor-agnostic bid documents, or even commissioning checklists for your security improvements. We integrate into architecture / engineering teams to develop drawings and specifications for low voltage security designs, security operations centers, and more.

Security Technology Design and Equipment Specifications

Obtaining usable footage from a camera system, reliable operation from an access control system, and the trustworthy alarms from the sensors installed throughout your facility are all examples of solutions that start with the right design and specifications. Security technology requires infrastructure to support its power, networking, and coordination needs, and they rely on PEC to incorporate these elements into the facility design, while keeping their operation in mind.

At PEC, security system design starts well before the drawings begin – it starts by developing a clear understanding of your business, users, and even the facility itself. Our team of security professionals works to identify your security concerns and goals, then makes recommendations that will guide the design and equipment selection. Only then does the detailed system design and specification development begin.

This process results in system designs and specifications that address your unique security needs while avoiding many of the common pitfalls many organizations face (e.g. capacity mismatch, usability, overdesign of system needs). Plus, while PEC is 100% vendor agnostic, we maintain a constant awareness of manufacturers’ new and upcoming products to help you balance your organization’s needs with features that will provide a future benefit.

At PEC, we design and specify security technology systems such as:

  • Security cameras, including storage and remote access when appropriate.
  • Access control (badge reader) systems, including key management.
  • Detection systems like ground radar, motion sensors, perimeter intrusion, etc.
  • Advanced security technologies such as mobile device presence, analytical machine learning, and more.

Physical Security Design and Specifications

Security involves more than cameras, alarms, and other technology. It also involves design features such as fencing, walls, standoff distance, and even design features such as Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), parking placement, and more.

PEC’s board certified and experienced security professionals assist clients in determining physical security program components well beyond the placement of a camera or what type of access control system to use (although we do that too). In fact, we specialize in taking a holistic perspective of our client’s security program to enable us to make recommendations that work in synergy with the overall program.

At PEC, we design and specify physical security measures such as:

  • Fencing, landscape (terrain-based) features, and other perimeter controls.
  • Entry control facility, access control point, and personnel screening security measures.
  • CPTED security measures, such as natural surveillance and territorial reinforcement.

Sensitive Facilities

Sensitive facilities such as Sensitive Compartmentalized Information Facilities (SCIF), Special Access Program Facilities (SAPF), Safeguards Facility, Vital Areas, and Closed Areas (CA) each have requirements to obtain and maintain accreditation. The PEC team can assist with determining and specifying the requirements appropriate to your unique needs.

PEC integrates into your design project team to provide valuable, timely guidance on meeting the requirements for accrediting a secure facility, from hardening measures to applying the appropriate standards for using, commissioning, or decommissioning secure spaces. We assist on projects for government agencies such as the United States military branches as well as private or semi-private institutions.


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