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There is no question that the world around us is rapidly evolving. Adapting to reduce your exposure to the myriad of changing security threats and risks can be challenging to even the most robust organizations.

Protection Engineering Consultants (PEC) understands that “success” in security is a non-event and we help clients become “non-event” planners – creating environments where employees can focus on their work, students on their education, and patients on their care more than being worried about the safety of their surroundings.

Whether your interest is to comply with security regulations or requirements, need help budgeting, planning, or implementing a security project or program, or want to understand your threats, risks, and vulnerabilities, PEC can help.

PEC’s board-certified security professionals and experienced specialists bring together decades of protective analysis, design, and operations leadership to reduce the impact that security incidents have on your organization. We help integrate security recommendations and planning activities into your design, project management, and leadership processes to ensure that security improvements work in concert with your operational needs. PEC remains free from affiliation with security technology and guard providers, enabling our team to center on one holistic goal – delivering peace of mind to your organization.

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Brandon R. Kehl, CPP
Senior Security Consultant

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Security Threat, Risk, and Vulnerability Assessments

Security Master Planning

Security Regulatory Compliance

Security System (Low Voltage) Design and Specification

Security Program Evaluation



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Critical Infrastructure

Critical infrastructure, like utilities, hospitals, educational facilities, mass transit or the manufacture and distribution of necessary products, PEC understands that you face unique security challenges. Navigating the path of limited budgets, high reliability requirements, and various regulatory hurdles can pressure even the most experienced organization. At PEC, we add value by melding with your team and program to maximize your success. Contact us today to learn how we can help.



PEC partners with government agencies at the local, state, and federal level to help meet their goals. Whether it’s developing criteria for publication, applying it to your facility or design, or understanding what level of protection is appropriate to your facility – PEC can help.



In today’s evolving business environment, understanding your actual and perceived risks are is vital to protecting your organization’s future. Your workforce, clients, and visitors all expect to be safe while on your facility – and that means weaving a security program that doesn’t cause your operation to grind to a halt. Contact PEC to learn more about how our team can assist in defining and mitigating your risks.

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Case Studies

Modeling Armed Aggressor, Active Shooter, and MTFA Scenarios

High-Fidelity Door Analysis for Blast Loading

Important Updates to VA Physical Security Criteria for 2015


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