Protective Design

Our protective design services extend across all major U.S and international markets. Our design goal is to solve our clients’ protective design needs while preserving aesthetics and functionality. We do that by combining our innovative and advanced modeling tools with our understanding of the design criteria and performance objectives for each market.

At PEC we understand the design criteria applicable to each market and know how to implement them with minimal impact on functionality, aesthetics, and cost.


Our approach to design support projects begins with your request for a review of the design services. Our team is experienced with all major procurement types such as Design-Build, Design-Bid-Build and Leaseback efforts. For Design-Bid-Build projects, our narrative or scope generally accompanies our fee letter for project services. For Design-Build and Leaseback (developer or contractor led design), our services will include preliminary analysis and design to support a pricing package in support of the pursuit. Let us know how we can help! 

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Aldo McKay, P.E., PMP
Managing Principal

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Department of Defense

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Client-Focused Service

At PEC, our focus is on helping customers meet their goals. We do this by being responsive and flexible, all while providing high quality services. Whatever the size or focus of your organization or project, you’ll find us able to assist. We work with commercial clients and all levels and areas of government, both domestically and internationally.


Full Protective Design Services

Our protective design services and capabilities include: Blast-Resistant Design, Mitigation for Progressive Collapse, Vehicle Anti-Ramming Protection, Ballistic Protection, Forced Entry and other threats. We also provides services to mitigate natural hazards arising from high-wind events and earthquakes. Our staff has thousands of hours of “on-the-ground” experience in conducting threat and vulnerability assessments for civilian and government clients.


Practical Knowledge and Experience

Protection Engineering Consultants (PEC) has led numerous test efforts that include both analytical and experimental components, which gives us a unique capability in the protective design field. This practical knowledge, combined with our experience and reputation in the industry, has allowed us to gain the trust of government agencies to develop and maintain their design criteria for protecting their buildings and assets against blast and progressive collapse.

Capabilities and Approach


Client-Focused Service


Full Protective Design Services


Practical Knowledge and Experience

Analysis and Design Tools

Our analysis and design capabilities include blast and impact load prediction with tools ranging from simple empirical charts and data-fit approaches to complex computational fluids dynamics (CFD) calculations. Our mechanical and structural analysis capabilities extend from simple single-degree-of-freedom (SDOF) approaches to high-fidelity LS-DYNA modeling and simulation of the large deformation behavior of structures subjected to shock or impact.

Case Studies

Quantification of Electrical Arc Induced Blast Hazards

Assessment, Design, and Construction Support to Mitigate Hostile Vehicle Ramming Threats

Safe Storage and Explosion Control for Hazardous Materials


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