Since 2006, we have performed design, research and assessment to protect people, systems and infrastructure from natural hazards, man-made or accidental extraordinary events and deliberate attacks. Our engineers and scientists solve problems through an understanding of the mechanics and dynamics of conventional and developmental materials subjected to extraordinary events and loads. We use that expertise in partnerships with:

  • Architects, Engineers, Constructors and Contractors – in building designs and retrofits.
  • Safety and Security professionals – in multi-hazard studies and assessments.
  • Industry – in the development of new materials and protective systems for hazard mitigation and personnel protection.
  • Government – in research and criteria development

Protection Engineering Consultants is a Texas Limited Liability Company and Registered Engineering Services firm.  Our engineers hold individual professional engineering licenses throughout the U.S. including Texas, Nebraska, Georgia, Minnesota, Alabama, South Carolina and Missouri.  We are a Small Business under North American Industry Classification System NAICS 541330.

Our engineers serve on and head committees for organizations central to our profession including ASTM committee F12, ASCE Structural Engineering Institute Progressive Collapse Standards Guidance Committee, American Society of Civil Engineers Shock and Vibratory Effects Committee, AISC Blast Research and Design Committee, ASCE SEI Disproportionate Collapse Standards and Guidance Committee, among others.

Protective Design

Our design goal: to preserve aesthetics and function while maximizing protection. We best accomplish that through early participation in design concept development and planning.


Whether system or material level, ground vehicle or building system, our engineers welcome any challenge to mitigate hazards or reduce vulnerabilities, to find or develop new sub-systems for protection, or to adapt new or existing materials for unique or more efficient use.

Security Consulting

Our security consulting goal: to help clients focus on their own success by providing efficient solutions and reducing the risk of a security incident.


From threat or hazard determination through vulnerability assessment to protective design development and construction support, PEC offers the experience and technical expertise for rapid and thorough guidance.

Criteria Development

Protection Engineering Consultants senior staff members are widely recognized for their expertise in hazard analysis and protection. So much so that, since 2006, both industry and government have relied on us to develop criteria (including DoD and GSA blast criteria and SEI Progressive Collapse criteria) for protective systems and materials.

Data Science

Many companies offer data science capabilities but focus their efforts on areas like web traffic analysis, advertising, or general statistics. Protection Engineering Consultants (PEC) offers the unique ability to work at the…

Computational Modeling

Many interesting and complex problems cannot be solved directly by closed form mechanics or design approaches. A computational modeling analysis approach can provide the ability to look at many variations of a potential solution, resulting in a more robust solution.

Nuclear Power

PEC has demonstrated experience leveraging its broad-ranging capabilities to enhance the safety and robustness of nuclear power facilities. Whether it be assessment and design services for an SGI-related threat or beyond-design-basis external hazard, or applied research services in support of next-generation technology development, PEC possesses the technical expertise and practical know-how to deliver high-quality, value-added solutions.

Transportation Safety and Security

Protection Engineering Consultants is partnering with Runway Safe, a US company that is commercializing the Engineered Material Arresting System (EMAS). Runway Safe EMAS is an FAA approved safety system that stops aircraft that overrun into a limited length runway safety area.

Our Clients

Whatever the size or focus of an organization or project, we strive to assist our clients as team members. We work domestically and internationally. We routinely support industry in the engineering and development of products and systems, and have successfully supported companies of every size, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small innovative businesses and organizations of less than 10 people. We work for all levels and areas of government, including all of the US Service departments and components and their subordinate commands, many agencies of the executive branch, several special operations components within both groups, and non-governmental organizations. We are a fully approved US government contractor – and we have been certified through performance for non-governmental organizations worldwide.

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