Our senior staff members are widely recognized for their expertise in hazard analysis and protection. So much so that, since 2006, both government and industry have relied on PEC to develop criteria (including DoD and GSA blast criteria) for protective systems and materials. Such knowledge and experience, coupled with ongoing practical design activities, gives us a unique perspective on the timeliness and effectiveness of these standards, as well as an awareness of when criteria may require updating or further development. We encourage you to investigate the specific examples of our capability found in major projects we’ve undertaken over the past decade, including:

  • Development of Unified Facilities Criteria for DoD
  • Development of instructions and recommendations for forward operating bases and expeditionary structures and facilities
  • Development of site, plant or laboratory specific guidance for safe operation of explosive and high pressure test operations
  • Training in the application of criteria and evaluation methods


Our senior staff members are recognized for their knowledge of the scope, content and background of existing federal government protective design criteria – such as UFC 4-010-01, “DoD Minimum Antiterrorism Standards for Buildings”, UFC 4-023-03, “Design to Mitigate Progressive Collapse,” and the GSA’s “Interagency Security Criteria (ISC) Physical Security Criteria for Federal Facilities. That knowledge comes not only from participation in the development these documents, but is born of an experience base supported by our continued efforts in design, research and assessments. The combination of all these aspects of experience gives us a unique and practical perspective that can yield useful and durable guidance for you.

In addition to government standards and criteria, our engineers have developed operational standards and test and operations criteria for hazardous operations in industry.  Our approach in both cases is collaborative and iterative, as criteria and standards development is influenced by technical, operational and cost factors.

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