Protection requirements are continually evolving. Personnel who are responsible for designing and maintaining safety and protective systems need practical, hands-on training in blast design, physics of explosions, requirements and regulations, progressive collapse, and other critical topics. PEC offers courses that provide this training – not just through comprehensive instruction, but with group collaboration, field exercises, and demonstration and application of software tools.  We believe that a multi-faceted approach best communicates the science and processes of our profession, which are best taught when presented in front of our peers. We encourage you to consider these classes and to participate in all that apply to your situation and needs.

2018 Course Offerings

PEC provided two recent training opportunities.  The Blast Resistance for Anti-Terrorism webinar series was taught in October 2018, preceded by the Design Requirements for Mitigation of Progressive Collapse webinar series in November 2017. Recordings of the Blast and Progressive Collapse webinar series are available for on-demand training now. 2019 course offerings are coming soon.

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