PEC has demonstrated experience leveraging its broad-ranging capabilities to enhance the safety and robustness of nuclear power facilities. Whether it be assessment and design services for an SGI-related threat or beyond-design-basis external hazard, or applied research services in support of next-generation technology development, PEC possesses the technical expertise and practical know-how to deliver high-quality, value-added solutions.

Through a dedicated commitment to quality, responsiveness, and technical excellence, PEC works with utilities, multi-disciplinary contractors, and regulators to deliver value-added solutions to complex problems important to overall plant safety and security. Whether it be specialty engineering support for post-Fukushima/FLEX related issues, multi-hazard assessments of structures, systems, and components, site security and anti-terrorist/force protection evaluations, risk-informed decision making, structural design support, or a 3rd party review effort, our broad-ranging skillset and team-orientated approach to problem solving can be leveraged to address your needs in an efficient, timely, and cost-effective manner.


Relevant Service Offerings

  • Beyond-design-basis external event assessments
  • Industrial and decommissioning hazard assessments
  • Site security and ATFP design
  • Earthquake engineering and seismic design
  • High-fidelity computational modeling
  • Structural design
  • Risk-informed decision making
  • 3rd party technical review


Relevant Technical Committee Affiliations

  • ASCE Dynamic Analysis of Nuclear Structures (ASCE 4, ASCE 43)
  • ASCE Blast, Shock, and Impact Committee
  • ACI 349 Concrete Nuclear Structures
  • ACI 370 Blast and Impact Load Effects


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