PEC’s clients appreciate that our approach to security projects is centered on one holistic goal – helping people focus on their own success by reducing the likelihood or severity of security incidents. By assisting organizations in determining and deploying a balanced and efficient security program, we help create environments where employees can focus more on their work than their workplace, students more on their education than their campus, etc.

At PEC, we understand that “success” in security is a non-event.  Many organizations struggle with understanding and justifying which security measures are most appropriate and most effective at reducing the risks they face.  Simply put, the risks we face in our everyday lives have changed dramatically in recent years and those we will face tomorrow haven’t been determined yet.

There’s no question that the world is a dangerous place and PEC’s board-certified security professionals and experienced practitioners deliver peace of mind to organizations wanting to understand the risks they face and how best to reduce them. Clients also appreciate that PEC is an Independent Security Consulting firm – free from affiliation with companies seeking to sell security products or services.  This independence allows our team of professionals with demonstrated experience spanning decades of protective analysis, design, and operations leadership to develop truly custom and client-focused solutions that will succeed in the client’s operating environment.


  • Security Regulatory Compliance – Navigating the myriad of security regulatory requirements can be difficult. PEC’s Security Consulting team brings operational and practical experience to required vulnerability, risk and resiliency assessments, security plans, and 3rd party reviews required by FERC, NERC (including CIP-014), CFATS and the EPA.
  • Security Master Planning – When improvements are needed but funds are short, security master plans and security design standards can help establish an improvement pathway that spans multiple years – improving cost efficiency and program effectiveness.
  • Security Threat, Risk, and Vulnerability Assessments – PEC assists clients in understanding the risks they face and how to best leverage limited security funds to meet those risks. Our proven assessment methodology goes far beyond the checklist approach to provide an organization with actionable, reliable guidance on what is working well and what isn’t.
  • Security System Specification, Design, & Commissioning – Security technology frequently requires infrastructure to support its power, networking, and coordination needs. Clients rely on PEC to focus on incorporating these elements into the facility design to allow both the operation of the equipment today but the flexibility to meet tomorrow’s demands.


PEC’s Security Consulting team concentrates in the following market sectors (examples are listed with each sector):

  • Critical infrastructure – government (local, regional, federal), utilities (electrical, water, gas), transit (airports, light rail)
  • Industrial – manufacturing, transportation / ports, chemical distribution
  • Healthcare & education – schools (primary, secondary, college), hospitals (public, private), research facilities
  • Commercial and mixed use – mission critical, data center, commercial office
  • Cultural – museum, gathering facilities, event centers
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