Transportation infrastructure is critical for the success of society, both domestically and abroad. From highway bridges and tunnels to airports and train stations, safe and consistent operation of this infrastructure is critical to the economic and socioeconomic well-being of people, businesses, government, and military. Over the past decade, Protection Engineering Consultants has consistently worked to develop and improve industry criteria, infrastructure security assessment procedures, and designs to protect these critical assets. The PEC team has conducted transportation security projects on four continents and, in each project, leveraged innovative technology and the latest criteria to deliver effective and validated protective solutions to our many transportation clients.

PEC engineers have supported the development of codes, criteria and standards for bridge security, blast-resistant design of bridges, airport security, and engineered material arrestor systems (EMAS) for aircraft overrun.  In addition, PEC has led the development and design of novel aircraft arresting systems, impact resistant barriers and critical component armor systems for our transportation infrastructure clients.  PEC has also assessed vulnerability and risk of critical marine infrastructure, bridges, tunnels, train stations, bus depots and airports for a variety of natural hazards from high winds and earthquakes as well as accidental and intentional man-made threats.

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