Our engineers welcome any challenge to research new hazards or vulnerabilities, find or develop new protections against weapons effects, or adapt existing materials for unique or more efficient use. Such activities are a “creative outlet” for us. As examples, consider any of a number of projects undertaken and products developed by Protection Engineering Consultants, including:

  • Alternative materials for airport overrun safety zones.
  • New armor systems that resist IED attack.
  • Protection from glass shattered by ballistic impact.
  • Better software to predict blast effects and structural response. And more.


Research isn’t something done in a vacuum. Starting with a creative partnership allows us to rapidly, efficiently and responsibly advance your state-of-the-art. We look forward to conversations leading to these types of investigations.

  • Investigation, development and testing of protective systems for blast, ballistic and impact resistance
  • Human injury prediction & research
  • Materials development for protective and safety systems
  • Quantification of hazards in accidental industrial explosions
  • Development of software for blast resistant design


While any research project you undertake with PEC will have formal, tangible steps and processes, it typically starts with a relationship: a business and technical relationship that permits us to informally discuss your needs at a problem-specific level.  Many of our industry and government research efforts have begun with a casual conversation at a conference, or during a peripherally related project meeting on another subject.  Our approach is to first offer limited but sound and pertinent technical guidance related to a specific problem; before any contractual relationship is contemplated.  This initial “scoping,” white paper development, PowerPoint slide summary, email exchange or “sources sought” response can often refine the problem statement in ways that offer you significant time and cost efficiencies on the contemplated effort.

After the initial discussions and scoping, we offer you a detailed technical letter proposal or more formal proposal if this is a competitive procurement. Our proposal will include a scope of services offered, a background discussion of our understanding of the problem, an approach including research milestones, possibly a test or analysis matrix, and proposed deliverables in terms of technical minutes, summaries or reports. We will provide costs to perform the research in that proposal. These costs will be developed using our best understanding of the goals and timelines, and can be priced (lump sum, fixed price or time and materials) or performed in terms of cost (for government procurements).  We will rely on you to respond to this proposal with acceptance, or comments and suggested changes. It is very important to us to start your research project with mutually agreed upon goals and limitations.

You’ll find us regular and thorough in our communication with you. We consider it vital to the effective performance of a research effort.  Research tends to involve a significant amount of financial, staff, analytical/numerical and testing resources, and it is important that application of those resources is discussed regularly.  Our efforts always begin with a kickoff meeting – either electronically by Go To Meeting or in person at your offices or ours.  At that meeting, we’ll review the scope and approach, and confirm milestones.  We’ll also discuss risk: which efforts involve the most risk and payoff, and how to best manage the risk and optimize the payoff. Regular conversations are scheduled at this kickoff.

Throughout the project, we invite and encourage your participation through visits and review of non-milestone but incremental informal reports. You’ll find that our deliverables, formal incremental and final, are thorough but useful; i.e., not necessarily academic.  Our goal is to provide you with data, analysis or test results that you can easily utilize toward whatever end you have in mind. That could range from a technical report designed for engineer use in the evaluation of the technical performance of a product, to a detailed scientific report to support further laboratory development of materials, to a marketing summary for use in product placement and advertising.  As in the beginning, our goal is to communicate well and thoroughly…to best use the results of your investment.

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