What is your operation’s vulnerability to attack, accident and extreme weather – and what changes are needed to maximize your protection? PEC offers the experience and technical expertise for rapid and thorough assessments and guidance for protection requirements. We can assess remotely, by reviewing drawings or photographs, or via on-the-ground surveys. The results, combined with recommendations for retrofit or hardening, can help you determine an appropriate level of risk to accept in your operations.

  • Blast analysis of DoD buildings subject to the minimum standoff requirements of UFC 4-010-01
  • Structural assessment of blast damaged buildings
  • Explosive-safety siting analysis, including design of buildings and barricades to protect against blast and fragment hazards
  • Zones of conflict vulnerability assessments


This type of client support is nothing new for us. Since our founding, PEC engineers have been assessing client equipment and facilities with respect to threats and potential accidents and hazards.

You can start us working with a simple exchange of phone calls or emails in which we can begin to review a facility’s characteristics in light of a perceived threat or hazard. You’ll find that our initial questions and probings are designed to understand your processes and operations. It is critical that we understand the potential hazards and their consequences in light of day-to-day activities. Often our assessment involves only a few minutes or few hours of time, with a conclusion that, while concern was prudent, it was not warranted in light of actual risk. We can communicate findings of such ‘quick’ assessments in a letter report or email, and the fees involved are usually small.

Where warranted, we perform more detailed analysis. This may involve a site assessment – and we will use whatever tools our engineers think appropriate to determine and quantify hazards and vulnerabilities. For these cases, it is often effective for us to summarize the assessment ‘lessons learned’ in a face-to-face meeting with your technical and operational representatives. In this meeting (or email exchange or conference call), we can discuss the vulnerabilities and recommend possible mitigation measures, so that you can identify and approve an acceptable level of risk.

Finally, we can often generate and implement protective design for domestic facilities where consequences of an event or attack would be severe, but where the probability of occurrence may be low to moderate. This is not the case in theaters of current conflict around the world. In those select locations, the threat is imminent and the consequences are severe, making risk extremely high. The importance of rapid and effective protective construction is paramount. In such situations, PEC engineers can support your requirements for on-the-ground assessment of threats, assessment of vulnerabilities and development of mitigation remedies. Our senior staff members have performed hundreds of assessments on several different continents, and have performed assessment, design, and construction support activities for a non-governmental organization in and around Kabul, Afghanistan since 2008.

Contact us for more information about responsive and effective solutions based on thorough and informed assessment of your operations and facilities.

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