News | 12.21.2018

Gingerbread Blast Resistance

PEC’s reputation for innovative design and analysis was put to the test in one of our most unusual projects ever. K. Kringle has recently observed a huge jump in packages moving through their north pole office. His elves are working hard to have everything out the door by the 25th, but Mr Kringle wants to make sure his workers are safe if they receive a package from one of their “naughtier” clients.

The unusual nature of construction at the North Pole meant that the existing database for structural behavior was limited, and PEC implemented an experimental program to assess the blast resistance of gingerbread construction. Small-scale testing has indicated that existing north pole facilities are potentially vulnerable to internal blast threats, so PEC is currently developing hardening procedures to improve resilience of the structures and ensure the safety of Mr. Kringle’s helpers.

Enjoy the below high-speed video results from our first round of gingerbread blast response testing.  Wishing our clients, colleagues and friends a Happy and Blessed Christmas!