News | 9.2.2020

Avoid Design Surprises Through Early Security Involvement

One of the most frequently asked questions is “In a new facility design, when is the right time to review security needs?” The answer is simple: “As early as possible.”

Incorporating an independent security professional at any stage improves the security program. By incorporating them early – at the concept phase of a design project – the design team also benefits by eliminating the need to stop and redesign sections of the facility to accommodate security features that may be specific to the facility or area.

Occasionally, a security professional is brought in to review a facility design late in the design process – sometimes even when the design is complete. Unfortunately, adding appropriate security measures increases in difficulty as the design progresses, sometimes requiring a major effort once design elements are set (e.g. amending the design to bring power nearby to operate security technology).

Performing an assessment of the proposed facility and location early (preferably prior to the start of detailed design) allows the design team and security professional(s) to collaborate on features that benefit both the facility operation and the security program, such as:

  • General site layout (e.g. improving standoff distance, reducing line of sight opportunities)
  • Location and layout of building entrances (e.g. will weapons screening be performed, how is lockdown accomplished, visitor processing)
  • Building services (e.g. reducing air intake vulnerabilities, generator fuel storage and replenishment, mail and package processing)


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