Overhead door catcher system cropped

What is an overhead door cable catcher system and why do I need one?  An overhead door is the type of roll-up door that you may associate with warehouses, loading docks or even your personal garage.  They are designed to be large, lightweight and efficient for opening and closing-off access to large spaces.  However, all these desirable qualities also make them vulnerable to blast loading.  Due to the cost prohibitive nature of designing these doors to directly resist blast effects, the 2012 and 2013 updates to UFC 4-010-01 require that overhead doors either do not open into inhabited spaces or that the engineer provide a means of intercepting the overhead door in the event of failure during an explosion (referred to as a “tether system”).  A cost effective solution to this requirements is a catcher system.  The catcher system is made up of a support frame and wire ropes which are lightweight, simple to install and provide protection by catching the door before it can do harm to interior occupants.  The system allows for easy operability and minimal impact to the structure already in place.  In fact, when the door is open you won’t even know it is there.  For more information on ATFP designs for overhead door cable catcher systems call Dr. George Kantrales.

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