PEC engineer, Cliff Jones, has been appointed to the NCSEA Code Advisory Committee on Resilience as one of eight voting members. This newly formed subcommittee develops positions and recommendations on issues in the emerging field of resilience-based planning and design. The committee coordinates with state and local efforts by structural engineers association (SEA) member organizations and works with other groups (including NIST, FEMA, ASCE, and ICC) to develop concepts of natural hazards resilience as they relate to the practice of structural engineering.

Resilience is focused on the ability of structures and communities to absorb the effects of environmental stresses which can be caused by extreme weather events and terrorist acts, as well as social and economic factors, and endure and quickly recover. Resilient design incorporates measures to create robustness, provide redundancy and ensure rapid recovery. The focus of the NCSEA committee will be to identify critical issues related to resilience-based planning and design within the purview of structural engineers and provide recommendations for practical solutions and changes that can be implemented in design codes and standards in order to improve the resilience of the built environment.

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