PEC is Going to Disneyworld!! (Also the 2019 Structures Congress)

PEC Engineers will be attending the 2019 Structures Congress in Orlando, FL from April 24 – 27, 2019. Our engineers will be active during the entire event, participating in committee meetings and…


Marlon's 10 Year

Congratulations Marlon Bazan on 10 Years with PEC

Protection Engineering Consultants is pleased to congratulate Marlon Bazan on his 10 year anniversary with the company!  In the last 10 years, Marlon has become a recognized expert in the field of…


Kehl Physical Security Consulting

Protection Engineering Consultants Welcomes Brandon Kehl

Brandon Kehl, CPP joined PEC as a Senior Security Consultant in February 2019. Brandon Kehl is a Certified Protection Professional with over two decades of experience in the protection of people and…


Gingerbread Blast Resistance

PEC is hard at work evaluating the blast resistance of gingerbread houses for K. Kringle up in the North Pole District.


Security Assessments of Military Facilities in Accordance with UFC 4-020-01 DoD Security Engineering Facilities Planning Manual

In accordance with the performance-based approach, the new UFC 4-010-01 guidelines require the use of UFC 4-020-01 to determine if the minimum requirements in UFC 4-010-01 are adequate or if additional mitigation measures should be implemented for all facilities.


89th Shock and Vibration Symposium

PEC Presenting at the 89th Shock and Vibration Symposium

Matt Barsotti, Eddie O’Hare and David Stevens will be giving multiple presentations at the 89th Shock and Vibration Symposium (SVS) in Dallas, Texas, November 5 to 8. SVS is the leading forum…


SAME Federal Small Business

PEC attends SAME Federal Small Business Conference

PEC Managing Principal, David Stevens, is visiting New Orleans this week to attend the Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) 2018 Federal Small Business Conference (SBC). This year the SAME Federal Small…


Tim at GSX by ASIS

PEC Presents at GSX by ASIS in Las Vegas

Interested in learning more about Evaluating the Safety of Building Layouts In Light of Active Assailant Threats? If so, catch Tim Brewer’s presentation on the topic this week at Global Security Exchange (GSX…


Blast Resistance for Anti-Terrorism Webinar

2018 PEC Blast Resistance for Anti-Terrorism Webinar Series

Security and protection requirements are continually evolving. Personnel who are responsible for designing and maintaining protective building systems need practical, hands-on training in anti-terrorism and force protection design, emerging threats, requirements and…


Pulsed Laser Measurement

Pulsed Laser Measurement for Materials at Extreme Loading Rates

Protection Engineering Consultants (PEC) and Southwest Research Institute® (SwRI®) have teamed to develop and test a novel high-rate laboratory test procedure that utilizes high-energy nanosecond pulsed lasers to generate strong and short…

Gingerbread Blast Resistance

Bollard Impact Analysis - SUV

Bollard Impact Analysis - Truck

Computational Fireworks Display

Checking the Wind Loads on Santa's Sleigh

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