Protection Engineering Consultants was founded in 2006. We have grown into an organization that has provided engineering services and products for mitigation and protection against hazards, extraordinary events and attacks for hundreds of industry clients and dozens of government and military customers worldwide. Our goals remain the same as when we founded the organization: to offer the services of highly capable and motivated staff to industry and government for the analysis, design and development of systems, materials and tools to protect people from these hazards, extraordinary events and attacks. and to partner with our customers in these efforts.


You get depth of experience. Each of our Sr. Principals has more than 20 years of experience with many design and industrial clients and government agencies and organizations. Those years of experience give us unique credibility and scope. They also allow our staff to perform research to support design criteria, to craft the procedures and criteria that result from that research. But most important for you, we give you direct access to that expertise to solve your design and assessment problems and pursuits.

You get breadth of experience, as well. Whatever the size or focus of your organization or project, you’ll find us able to assist. We work for all levels and areas of government, including all of the US Service departments and components and their subordinate commands, many agencies of the executive branch, several special operations components within both groups, and non-governmental organizations. We work domestically and internationally. We routinely support industry in the engineering and development of products and systems, and have successfully supported companies of every size, ranging from PPG Industries and AM General to small innovative businesses and organizations of less than 10 people.

You get the advantages of a partnership approach. Our desire is to partner with you and offer expertise that you may not have previously needed or invested in: specifically, ways to maximize the physical security of your plant, property and people while preserving utility and aesthetics. Our goal is to help you better define problems and find solutions through the application of established and novel scientific methodologies, testing and prototyping. We understand and apply both government and industry best practices. We bring value to the partnership by working in ways that best fit your problem and organization. We are a fully approved US government contractor – and we have been certified through performance for non-governmental organizations worldwide.

You get more than “an” expert – you get a team. Count on our staff to form a small but fully focused team chosen specifically for their experience and skill in your problem and solution pursuit. We constantly invest in our staff to add and hone skills. The project or task manager will be your ready and continuous contact until the project goal is achieved. Personal relationships are a beneficial result and byproduct of this approach. We have continuous relationships with commercial, industrial and government clients that extend back 15-20 years. These relationships have resulted in many continuously improved products, design approaches and software.


As a business, we’ve enjoyed success. As a member of the wider community, we want to extend the benefits of this success through charitable efforts both locally and worldwide. We recognize that our PEC staff members contribute individually to charitable organizations and activities that they are passionate about.  Together, we annually designate a portion of our year-end profits to match those contributions, allowing our employees to give more to the organizations they regularly support.

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