Matt Barsotti, Eddie O’Hare and David Stevens will be giving multiple presentations at the 89th Shock and Vibration Symposium (SVS) in Dallas, Texas, November 5 to 8. SVS is the leading forum for the structural dynamics and vibration community to present and discuss new developments and on-going research. Topics covered at the symposium include shock-ship testing, water shock, weapons effects (air blast, ground shock, cratering, penetration) shock physics, earthquake engineering, structural dynamics, and shock and vibration instrumentation and experiment techniques.

PEC’s presentations include:

  • Novel Light‐weight System to Resist High Velocity Penetrators (Presenter: Eddie O’Hare)
  • Testing of Metals at High Strain Rates with Pulsed Lasers (Presenter: Matt Barsotti)
  • An Open-Source CFD Software for Modeling Blast Propagation (Presenter: David Stevens)
  • New Paradigm for Creating Fast Running Models for Weapons Effects (Presenter: Matt Barsotti)
  • Visualization, Measurement and Prediction of Building Debris for Large Magnitude, Long Duration Shock Loads (Presenter: David Stevens)
  • Soil Model and Computational Strategy for Landmine Modeling (Presenter: Eddie O’Hare)

If you cannot attend but want to learn more about working with Protection Engineering Consultants on modeling, testing and designing materials and structures for extreme dynamic loads, please reach out directly to Matt Barsotti, Eddie O’Hare, and David Stevens.

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