Protection Engineering Consultants has been awarded a multi-phase/multi-year contract by the DoD Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office (CTTSO) Technical Support Working Group (TSWG) for “Explosive Response Overpressure and Safe Area Identification.”  David Stevens and the PEC project team, in cooperation with the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center (NMIMT/EMRTC), will develop a capability and training program for US Law Enforcement Tactical Teams (explosive breachers, bomb squads, SWAT, HAZMAT) to identify safe areas in environments of overpressure and fragmentation in which complex geometries of reflective walls, buildings, and other surfaces exist. The training will prepare students to look at a scene and quickly identify safe areas for explosive operations. Contact David Stevens, Ed Conrath or Chuck Oswald for more information regarding PEC capabilities in explosive safety and training.  

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