Frost Bank Front Elevation

Frost Bank recently opened a new 434,000 SF office building just up the road from us in Northwest San Antonio.  Protection Engineering Consultants supported Win-Con Enterprises as the Specialty Structural Engineer (SSE) for the glazed façade of the office building and adjacent parking structure.  The building facade was designed with full height glass windows, providing hill country views and natural lighting to all occupants.

In support of the project, our engineers designed all glazing and framing for the multi-story curtainwall for conventional loading including gravity, and wind. The connections between framing members and the structure were designed and detailed to accommodate the expected movement of the structure.  In addition, as the specialty façade engineer, PEC coordinated with the contractor and structural engineer to ensure that the façade supports, anchorage and bracing interface and integrate efficiently and effectively with the structure.

After completion of the design, PEC worked with the construction team, reviewing the shop drawings and responding to field inspection reports. Our engineers walked the site with the general contractor and our client to review, discuss, and resolve atypical field conditions. The project was completed in 2015 and highlights our capabilities to perform conventional design of structures and facades and serve as the specialty structural engineer (SSE) in design-build projects. For more information on conventional or blast design of glazed and unique façade systems or our other specialty structural engineering (SSE) services contact Aldo McKay.

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