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The Sr. Principals at Protection Engineering Consultants are pleased to announce that Marlon Bazan, Ph.D., P.E., Ellen Marchand, and Eric Sammarco, Ph.D., P.E., have been invited to become Principals.  Marlon, Ellen, and Eric have earned this distinction in recognition of their past efforts and in anticipation of their further contributions to the growth of PEC.

Marlon joined PEC 7 years ago and has developed into an outstanding designer, researcher and model developer.  Beyond his technical skills, Marlon has fostered strong relationships with many of our repeat clients and actively advances our expertise in a number of areas.

Ellen has supported PEC from day one and her leadership in the company has been invaluable to this point, as has her steadfast dedication to running PEC efficiently and ethically.

Eric has been a part of PEC for over 6 years now, starting as an intern in early 2010.  Eric is an exceptionally strong numerical modeler and designer and is leading our efforts in nuclear power plant safety.

Congratulations Marlon, Ellen, and Eric!

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