News | 6.23.2020

PEC is here to Protect You and Your Business

Engineers at Protection Engineering Consultants have worked to protect symbols of freedom and our constitutional and economic systems in the United States for many years.  National landmarks and iconic structures such as the Executive Mansion in Washington, Cass Gilbert’s Supreme Court of the United States building, House and Senate Office Buildings and the Library of Congress, the Eccles and Martin Federal Reserve buildings as well as Federal Reserve Banks in Chicago, New York, Boston, St Louis, Kansas City, San Francisco and Dallas, the New Jersey Executive Statehouse, the Virginia General Assembly Building and The Alamo have benefitted from improvements suggested or designed by PEC.

These symbols represent the best of America, and their preservation, protection and stability through political seasons, times of war, times of unrest and times of protest provides both symbolic and active assurance of the freedoms Americans have to make their country better, safer and economically stable in the decades and millennia to come.

Engineers at PEC have unique experience working with facility managers at owning and managing agencies to implement robust protection solutions for glazing, pedestrian control (fencing and barriers) and vehicle protection (barriers and bollards).  We work with Law Enforcement at the federal, state and local levels to implement solutions that best protect the citizens exercising their rights of assembly and expression and the law enforcement officers there to protect them and the public and private property nearby.

We can assist in developing expedient and immediate measures for crowd control and vehicle ramming mitigation.  We are experts in the selection of protective glazing for forced entry or energetic material threats.  We can leverage our relationships with manufacturers and vendors of systems to expedite selection and procurement.

Our experience allows us to recommend and assist in the implementation of expedient (hours or days) and longer-term measures that best protect the public and the facilities they own or enjoy.  Please contact Aldo McKay, P.E., PMP to learn more.