Matt Barsotti of PEC, in cooperation with our customer Norsk Glassgjenvinning (NGG) is pleased to announce the availability of new materials for use in engineered material arresting systems (EMAS) for civil aircraft as described in the press release (linked here).  In 2010, NGG, in cooperation with the Norwegian Aviation Authority (Avinor) and Protection Engineering Consultants (PEC), undertook a substantial research and testing effort to develop an EMAS made of their foamed glass material called Glasopor. Full-scale system testing was concluded in May 2011, and the product documentation was submitted to the FAA. After thorough review and consideration, the FAA officially accepted the Glasopor EMAS as meeting FAA requirements in mid-2012. See the press release (linked here) or contact Kjell Håkon Helgesen at NGG or Matt Barsotti at PEC for more information.


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