PEC’s Kirk Marchand is attending and presenting at the 39th International Association of Bridge and Structural Engineers (IABSE) Symposium this week in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The 2017 IABSE Symposium theme “Engineering the Future” is highly relevant today when the solutions have to be engineered using innovate technologies and past experience in a way that is economical, robust and enhances the sustainability of the built environment. The 39th IABSE Symposium provides a platform to the world’s structural engineers to share their experiences with contemporary structures and their vision for the future. The IABSE Symposium will cover a range of practical topics related to the structural engineering of buildings, bridges and other civil infrastructure. Catch Kirk’s presentation this week on Extending Glass Facade Performance Predictions for Natural and Man-Made Hazards Using Accessible High Fidelity Formulations or his poster on Extending Building Facade Performance Requirements for Blast: Hazard and Injury Assessment Investigations. If you can’t make it, please contact Kirk Marchand directly for more information on either paper or on building facade performance and facade hazards in general.

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