News | 4.27.2016

How to Perform a Responsive and Effective Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment Lifecycle Main

PEC’s consulting services include vulnerability assessments of your building or structure.  To understand your specific situation, we will start with questions and data gathering to identify the potential hazards and their consequences on your day-to-day activities.  Next, our engineers will collaborate with your technical and operational representatives to discuss the vulnerabilities and to recommend mitigation measures, allowing you to identify and approve an acceptable level of risk.  Finally, we work with you to produce the protective design measures that fit your needs.

Not all vulnerability assessments are the same, but the process lifecycle is.  Using this blueprint, our staff, led by Ed Conrath, P.E., and Aldo McKay, P.E., has performed hundreds of assessments on several continents, and has performed assessment, design and construction support activities in and around Afghanistan and Iraq since 2008.