In collaboration with FFE, Inc. Engineering and Technical Services, Protection Engineering Consultants (PEC) has been selected to perform a comprehensive Physical Security assessment of multiple Veterans Affairs (VA) facilities in Lexington, Kentucky to verify their adequacy against the requirements of the 2015 Physical Security Design Manual (PSDM). PEC will serve as the lead Blast and Physical Security specialist for the project and will be performing vulnerability assessments, providing criteria interpretation guidance, structure and facade analysis for blast loading, evaluation of existing conditions and design and retrofit for physical security. We value this opportunity to contribute to the safety and security of our Veterans and look forward to working together with FFE and the assessment team. For more information about our blast and physical security vulnerability assessment services for Military, VA and Federal clients, visit our vulnerability assessment expertise page here.  To inquire about how our services can benefit your team and project contact Aldo E. Mckay, PE.

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