News | 5.18.2019

Physical Security Consulting: A New Offering from PEC

Austin, TX – April 12, 2019 – With the recent approval of our security consulting license by the Texas Department of Public Safety, Protection Engineering Consultants (PEC) is excited to announce the launch of Physical Security Consulting as a new business area, designed to complement and expand upon our core services in the areas of consulting, engineering, and research. Founded in 2006, PEC specializes in the protection of people, systems and infrastructure against natural and man-made hazards, extreme accident scenarios, and deliberate attacks.

Physical Security Consulting services will be led by Brandon R. Kehl, a board-certified security professional with more than two decades of experience protecting public and private organizations and their critical assets. Brandon joined PEC’s team of blast and ballistic impact, structural hardening, protective design, and threat modeling scientists and engineers in February 2019.

Many organizations struggle with determining the risks they face and how best to use limited resources to reduce those risks; the addition of this new service line will allow PEC to better serve our clients with comprehensive and value-focused risk mitigation solutions. Companies based or doing business in Texas are required to obtain DPS license, a process that includes background investigations into both practitioners and organizational leadership. PEC’s Texas DPS License is B10449401. (No endorsement of PEC is implied with the approval of a license.)

Kehl Physical Security Consulting