Edward O’Hare, Ph.D.

Dr. Edward O’Hare joined Protection Engineering Consultants as a Sr. Associate Engineer in July of 2015.  Dr. O’Hare received his undergraduate, MS and Ph.D. from the Pennsylvania State University with a dissertation titled “Behavior of Concrete-Filled Tube (CFT) Through-Beam Connections Subjected to Varying Load Rates”.  That research focused on the development of behavioral models and design guidance for CFT-to-CFT energy absorbing through-connections for rigid building frames subjected to varying load rates.  Validated computational models, created in LS-DYNA, were used in a Response Surface Methodology approach to determine appropriate evaluation parameters and to develop design equations.

Eddie spent much of his time at Penn State working in the area of anti-terrorism through his work on Streetscape Vehicular Anti-Ram (SVAR) barrier systems to enhance security interests of the US Department of State world-wide.   This research was supported by full-scale testing and LS-DYNA modeling at Penn State.

Eddie is a US Navy veteran, having served as a Special Security Officer Assistant in the Intelligence Department of the office of the Commander, U.S. Naval Forces, Yokosuka, Japan.  He is experienced with LS-DYNA, MatLab, and SAP2000 numerical analysis tools and will be supporting PEC and our clients on both research and design efforts.  Contact Eddie at 512-380-1988 x313 or eohare@protection-consultants.com